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Lease negotiation

For many companies the office rent represents the second largest spending after the salaries. However, when it comes to renewing or negotiation of their lease most of the companies think the only thing to do there is to discuss is the rent per sqm.

They could not be more wrong...

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Our approach

Office leases are more complex than residential leases, and landlords carefully write their contracts in order to protect their interests and maximize their profits. 


However, a lease holds many points which can be optimised & negotiated:

  • Rent per sqm

  • Charges

  • Indexation

  • Rent free period

  • Landlord's contribution towards tenant's fit-out

  • Restitution


You may not get all you’ll ask for, but unless you don’t ask, you’ll never know, what was possible to achieve. 


Red flags

Can your lease be negotiated?

A few questions can help you assess your situation:


• Is the rent you pay for your office in line with average office rents in the area?


• Are your premises really worth the amount of rent you pay?


• Do they require refurbishment or any work?


• Can your premises absorb potential growth in activity?


• Do you pay the charges related only to your premises?


• Is your lease a long term lease, etc.?

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Red flags
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Two modes of remuneration :

% of the annual rent


Remuneration based on the economies realized



The method of calculating the remuneration linked to the savings is based on a set of criteria that we will explain to you during our first exchange.


We are committed to improving the terms of your lease or we work for FREE.


Phone Consultation

Lease acquisition constitutes a negotiating opportunity you cannot miss. However, you need to get to know us before you can entrust us with your negotiation.


We offer you a 30-minute consultation to understand your expectations and share our initial recommendations with you.

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Other services

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